Batch 30 - Umineko Fighting Game Sprites

Umineko Fighting Game Icons

164 Total
Includes the 'Character Select' portrait.
[21] Ange Ushiromiya
[49] Beatrice
[30] Eva-Beatrice
[34] Kanon
[30] Shannon

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The other five (Battler, Ronove, Lucifer, Siesta 410 and Virgilia) along with some misc sprites and the CG images will come in a spearate batch god siesta 410's arrow effects are going to be such a pain... I might do the portrait sprites (from before the fighting begins) if I can figure out a way to extract them.

Request II


1) Each slot will allow you up to six icons. Only one slot per user.
2) You may reserve a spot and later post what images or what not you want to be iconed. Please note that you can only reserve for three days and after that your spot is opened again.
3) Icons will be delivered either in a separate post or with a batch. When your requests is done you will be notified by LJ pm, unless you do not wish to be.
4) Requested icons are intended for the person who requested them ONLY.
5) Those who requested icons from the previous batch may not request again for this batch. They are welcomed to request in the 3rd batch however.


1 - mimi_chi
2 - l0ves_tragedy 
3 - gravity_xx 
4 - 
5 -